Workforce Planning Solution from Successfactors offers a solution for the planning of strategic workforce and operational headcount. The strategies can be framed to ensure that the right talent is being hired as well as retained. Operational headcount planning helps in the planning of changing organizational needs.

The strategic planning helps in viewing, assessing and designing the workforce to support the organizational goals by:

Creating forecasts – The size of the workforce can be predicted well in advance, the demand and supply forecasting, identification of gaps can be done across the various job roles.

Building cost models – The outcomes can be analyzed on the basis of scenarios created. The financial results of development, hiring and retention can be compared. The “strategy bank” can be utilized to develop and visualize the impacts and costs.

Risk analysis – The necessary precautions can be taken on the basis of workforce risks identified in order to prevent the business from getting affected.

Accountability – The workforce planning can be incorporated in overall strategies to measure the success. Also the implementation can be done by proper accountability and communication.

The planning for operational headcount helps in responding to changing conditions in the business. The following benefits can be taken from this planning:

Alignment of guidelines with the budgets – The headcount plans can be created and the managers can align them with the other additional departments as well as cost centers.

Refining of headcount – Managers can plan for additional positions on the basis of current positions. The information runs to the HR system once the additional positions are approved.

Gain visibility – The hiring forecast can be analyzed to plan and get proactive as per the plans.

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