Onboarding is a critical part of the talent management strategy as unorganized onboarding process can give reasons to the employees to rethink about their decision to join the company. SAP Successfactors Onboarding Process is a part of the HCM Suite which is a fresh approach and helps in improving the first-year retention of employees by focusing on:

People – The major part of onboarding is connection of people with managers, mentors, peers and other employees. The managers can virtually meet their team members through this process. SAP Jam feature can give access to new hiring for making connections and accessing the deep social network of the clients.

Process – It creates refined and clear process to reduce manual work by clearly defining the roles and responsibilities. There is a customer friendly dashboard for HR managers to track the progress of the organization. The paperwork is reduced to a great extent as it is all built in the process which is safe and compliant.

Productivity – The major goal of Onboarding is to make everyone productive in the Organization chart. Hiring managers can ensure the success of new employees by defining short term goals so that the employees can tackle them in the way it is required for goal achievement. SAP Learning accelerates the process of development by conducting training according to the role. There is nothing else important for the growth of the organization other than an aligned as well as trained newly hired employee.

The Onboarding function of Successfactors covers every domain of the employee’s lifecycle from recruitment to retirement. At the time of hiring, sufficient knowledge transfer is ensured to get aligned with the new role quickly and during retirement, a clean and smooth process is ensured through SAP Successfactors Onboarding services.

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