Learning Management System (LMS) is important for an operational success of an organization. The solution can be deployed for sales training, career development, safety training, supplier training and customer education. Compliance is the most scrutinized area in the industries which are FDA regulated like pharmaceuticals, life sciences etc. In case of no compliance, the business results can be negative like expensive litigation, fines and plant shutdowns that might result in heavy financial losses.

LMS helps in managing the data which is generated from training to ensure compliance and avoid negative reports. It is a comprehensive system to support audits and Good Practices that are applicable according to the business activity. The learning system also helps in improving the business results and increasing organizational competitiveness by allowing an organization to develop the leaders, helping in improvement of workforce skills and training external audience.

SuccessFactors now also offers Validated SaaS Environment for the customers of LMS which has two primary components;

  • Multi-tenant SaaS service with annual updates: Updates are introduced once in a year and the clients are given 6 months to introduce upgrades into their system. Patches are applied only for stability.
  • Validation Environment: A Validation Environment is made available with all the IQ reports which are the documented evidence of the installed updates and validation toolkit which provides the software requirements and test cases to assist the completion of validation process.

Learning Management System as well as validated system is available for mobile which offers same benefits as the regular software. The advanced solutions help an organization in reducing risk and meet their toughest requirements.

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