Succession management is crucial for organizations to excel in today’s global market. Succession and Development from Successfactors helps your organization in minimizing the risk by developing the talent in order to achieve business goals.

Some of the exclusive features of the program are highlighted below:

  • Assessing the Employee’s potential to identify, develop and retain the talent: The hidden talent is uncovered through talent search and the competency and skill levels of the employee are identified. Nine box matrix can be utilized to identify the top performers in an organization.
  • Strategic Succession Implementation for better outcomes: The risk and impact of key talent loss is assessed to gain the visibility. Internal and External successor candidates are nominated for key positions in the company. The effectiveness of the succession plans can be measured and their impact on the business can be analyzed.
  • Succession Organization Charts are used to give quick visibility of the talent gaps.
  • Home page of talent pools: The home page provides dynamic view of pool membership and supports easy administration.
  • Motivate and engage employees with impressive plans and better career opportunities: Employees are motivated to explore the paths and gaps in order to prepare for future roles. Intelligent mentoring programs help in accelerating the development and fostering the growth.
  • Talent visibility for HR, Managers and Executives: Side by side comparison of talent cards helps in finding the best candidates. HR leaders are empowered to initiate talent review conversations with the managers.

 The Succession and Development program from SAP Successfactors helps in minimizing the risk by proper development of appropriate talent to achieve the business goals.

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