SAP Successfactors Recruiting and Posting is a comprehensive application for posting the job applications around the world. With more than 3000 sources, the customers can post to school network, alumni network and social network in more than 80 countries. Recruiter can also choose an exact source which can help them to fill the vacant positions readily in less time and at low cost. The application can help in identifying whether the expenditure is made in the right direction or not.

There are number of integrated sources available online to reach out the pool of talented candidates. The posting is done on number schools and universities for recruitment. The candidates are given experience in multilingual countries like Belgium, Canada, China, Switzerland and many more.

The critical issues can be easily addressed through the global compliant posting capabilities. Pre-mapped fields can be used to eliminate errors and ensure the accuracy in posting. An easy-to-use single interface can be used for posting the jobs which helps in saving the time. Job board favorites can be opted for keeping an eye on preferred sources to automate the job posts.

A real time visibility can be gained in the sourcing process with the help of advanced analytics and candidate tracking which helps in assessing the expenditure done on the sourcing process. Return on Investment of the recruitment process can be improved. The origin of candidates can be easily tracked to find a candidate suitable for the job in case the similar job is posted in future.

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