The efficient and smooth HR processes can help in the growth of entire organization. The mobile solution from SAP Successfactors makes it more convenient for HR managers in creating a collaborative experience. HR processes gets speed up by the mobile app which helps in keeping the employees more engaged very easily.

Talent management tools in the app help the employees and HR professionals to perform variety of tasks like conducting performance reviews and doing progress updates against the specified development goals. The productivity can be improved by allowing the employees to access their personal directories. Managers can even manage time sheets and approve leave requests with the time management feature of the app.

The mobile application integrates with all features of the device like e-mail, phone, calendar, camera and voice-recorder functions. The app is easy to deploy and strictly complies with all the regulatory standards. The setup of the app can be completed quickly without the involvement of any technical person. All the customers of SAP Successfactors application get a subscription of mobile app without any additional cost. There are almost languages incorporated in the app so it can be used anywhere, by anyone and on any mobile device. Both iOS based and Android based apps are available globally in the app stores.

The key benefits of the mobile app are:

  • Increasing productivity by keeping all information of the employee skills and qualifications up-to-date with the help of Self-service management tools.
  • Instant granting of approvals and addressing all the requests in an effective and quick manner.
  • The organizational structure can be easily viewed on mobile screen to get an instant access to employee profiles.
  • Time sheets can be updated appropriately from anywhere.
  • The development and performance of an employee can be managed effectively by providing ratings and comments.
  • Employees can speed up the learning process by viewing courses on the mobile already assigned to them and can also search for new learning catalogs on the go.
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