SAP Successfactors enables an organization to improve employee skills and reduce the compliance risk in order to effectively train the external audiences. The feature provides innovative capabilities to help in creating a culture of continuous learning and flexible approach in supporting the learning content.

The benefits of the feature are:

  • Blending learning capabilities to develop employee skills: Providing clear career paths for retaining efficient employees. The goals must be aligned with the learning activities to assist in filling the performance gaps. The goals must be developed on the basis of competency in order to reduce the turnover and upgrade the workforce. The open content network is utilized for better access to the content.
  • Learning Homepage: It helps in getting the learning history, learning plans, any recommendations and also access to all courses. Also learning accomplishments helps in setting the target against the topics of interest and also keeping the track against those goals.
  • Enterprise Environment for partners, dealers, customers and the business network is extended: The implementation of extended enterprise training solution is done with the simple solutions which include Learning Management System and e-Commerce. It also helps in managing the courses, qualifications, and certifications. Avoiding the complex site development and giving a better consumer experience. The Learning Marketplace from Successfactors is a modern and comprehensive solution for all.
  • Improvement of regulatory compliance and reducing legal risk – The complex certifications can be managed by effective training. The document management capabilities are improved to reduce the risks. Instant access is provided for all the managers to see the certification status of employees. The configuration of policy related to e-signature can be easily controlled.
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