The Jam Collaboration from Successfactors reduces the expenditures and resource requirement for effective onboarding of employees. The program connects the employees to the experts through a convenient wizard. On the basis of the employee profile information, the tool also provides content and people recommendations. Expert finding and discovery collaboration helps the employees in finding inventive ways of on-the-job learning experience.

Employees are engaged as much as possible so they can feel connected and contribute to the overall success of the organization. The engagement of the employees is increased through connections, enabling mentor relationships and experts to share knowledge. The communication throughout the company is improved starting from the top of the company with the help of announcements. The goals and initiatives are announced to stay up to date with the latest information. The internal communities guide the employees about new processes and allow members to make queries.

The Jam feature combines the capabilities to infuse business process with social collaboration. Social networking helps in sharing one-to-one information with the project group, departments and teams.

Collaboration helps in getting the work done by bringing people together across the company. Also external collaboration brings the customers, partners and vendors quickly into the internal collaboration system. Structured collaboration helps in completing the work activities with proper guidelines, strategy and decision making.

The data from the business is integrated and consumed to drive collaboration around an activity. The built-in integrations is introduced in the content management systems of the third party like Google Drive, Open Text and many more. The pre-built patterns of work for training and education bring, data, processes and people altogether which streamlines the ongoing collaboration to get the work done.

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