The Perform and Reward Bundle from Successfactors gives the small enterprises an essential tool for the effective management of workforce and bringing vision to the working of an organization. The benefits of the Bundle program for small enterprises (SME) are as follows:

Goal Management – It helps to keep a track that all the employees are working in the right direction to obtain the optimum results by aligning the employees according to the company goals using the cascading and alignment feature. SMART goal wizard helps to establish ambitious as well as achievable goals.

Performance Reviews – ‘Writing Assistant’ and ‘Team Rater’ helps in writing better reviews and quality feedback to motivate employees and drive the performance.

360 Degrees Employees – A better insight can be made to the strengths and weaknesses of the employees with the cross-functional feedback gathered from various sources. The ratings can be captured from anywhere in the organization which helps in generating gap analysis and highlighting the areas of development.

Reports and Dashboards – The employee performance can be assessed by setting the goals and proper alignment. The competency strengths and weakness can also be determined.

Social and Mobile – The productivity can be accelerated by mobile compatibility which helps the employees in finding the solutions, share the ideas and carry forward the projects by using mobile services.

Compensation – The compensation worksheet highlights the budget, salaries, employee information, salaries, targets and much more in an easy format.

Self-Service Administrations – This feature can help in fulfilling all the aspects of compensation flow like allocation guidelines, workflow, budget or any changes in organization.

Employee Profile – The talent inventory can be used for getting connected to the employees for better talent decisions and execution. The talent inventory contains all the information of employees related to background, skills, experience or interests. The exceptional contributions can also be recognized easily on this platform.

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