SAP Successfactors emphasize on the data security in a better way and meet all regulatory standards. Successfactors incorporate all best practices for data privacy on cloud in order to help in protecting the HCM investment.

Successfactors adhere to the best practices in following ways:

  • Supporting Global as well as Local regulations – The local product managers implement legal changes by collaborating with legislative bodies.
  • Enabling Physical Security – The data centers are in compliance with the standards of the telecommunication infrastructure and are equipped with redundant devices.
  • Maintaining Network Security – A multi-tier network architecture frame is used by SAP Successfactors that validate the incoming request individually against all the security rules to protect any unwanted access. The failed requests are terminated immediately.
  • Supporting Application Security – The various solutions employed by SAP Successfactors helps the customers in protecting application from threats, guarding against “phishing” , protecting against improper logins, avoiding risky plug-ins or downloads and by enforcement of segregation of duties.
  • Enabling Data Segregation, Encryption and Limited Data Access – The technology is based on multi-tenant model where the segmentation of data is done at the database level itself with a distinct application instance for every customer.
  • Performing Routine Security Audits – Vulnerability testing is done for all the applications on regular basis to provide protection against exploitation. Third-party testers are also deployed for penetration testing on quarterly basis. Database audits are also conducted on regular basis.
  • Demonstrating Corporate Commitment to Security – SAP Successfactors has a team of auditors, attorneys and technical experts that helps in the implementation of data protection measures across SAP.
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