SAP Cloud Platform is a comprehensive Platform As A Service enterprise solution with application development capabilities. It helps in creating a fully integrated agile system to accelerate transformation across the business. It also helps in fulfilling the requirements and extending the business over the cloud. The cloud platform helps in building HTML5 as well as Java applications. SAP Successfators is a flexible solution that can be used by any organization and can be configured easily as per the requirements. There has been close cooperation as well as existence of Successfactors connector kit due to which the customers are widely accepting SAP Cloud Platform.

Also the data center location of the Successfactors is same as that of SAP Cloud. The cloud is committed to deliver standard and effective processes in order to allow companies to establish cost effective applications on a secured platform.  All this benefits come without creating any disruptions in business applications.

The SAP Cloud platform can be integrated with Successfactors with the help of Odata API which is well documented and reflects all the standards very clearly. The cloud platform from SAP helps in building the simple applications and it also mimics SAP User interface. The extension package of Successfactors helps in single sign in from Successfactors to the custom application. The extension objects can be used to display user friendly screens, add the requirements or business processes via code. The role based permission can be used to control the access.  A customized business application can be built easily by combining the business rules and workflows

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