The implementation of SuccessFactors depends on the implementation of modules. The different components that comprise the SAP SuccessFactors Platform have the ability to maximize the benefits from the overall implementation. The platform components are the features that can be configured and is used in multiple modules. Some of the platform components are essential for all the clients while few others are optional. For instance, Data model, Rating scales, Role based permission and admin tool set are to be used by all the clients irrespective of number of modules they will be implementing. While the components like Mobile and SSO are used depending on the capability of the client like whether they have certain policies to support these features or not.

The other components like Family and Roles, Competencies, Employee central position management and Job profile builder are dependent on the modules and the ability of the client to define and maintain the data of the components. In case of incompetency, the client will not be able to enjoy the full benefits of the implementation.

The platform components are the critical part of Implementation and the modules are highly dependent on it. Like In case of the implementation of Employee Central, the employee demographic data is synchronized and updated from Employee Central. The configuration of components is highly important in this task, for example, with Role based permissions; the permission access can be defined for all the modules. Similarly in SSO-(Single Sign on), all the modules of HCM Suite can be accessed on the authentication of user.

The incorrect set up of platform components can have a negative impact in future, thus it is better to analyze the implications of it initially.

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