SAP SuccessFactors Foundation

The Foundation solution from SAP Successfactors provides a unified and solid base for the strategic human resources development. It contains the capabilities that are utilized across the complete HCM Suite for planning goals, writing evaluation or defining career paths. The People profile on the SAP Successfactors helps in continuously creating…continue reading →

Content Learning Strategies – SAP SuccessFactors

Developing strategies for learning content is crucial for an organization and SAP Successfactors adopts a specific approach to supplement the learning process. There are certain specific features of the SAP Successfactors Learning that makes it unique in how the content is handled effectively. Security, storage and delivery of content: A…continue reading →

SAP SuccessFactors JAM

The Jam Collaboration from Successfactors reduces the expenditures and resource requirement for effective onboarding of employees. The program connects the employees to the experts through a convenient wizard. On the basis of the employee profile information, the tool also provides content and people recommendations. Expert finding and discovery collaboration helps…continue reading →

SuccessFactors Compensation Solution

SAP Successfactors Compensation Solution helps in engaging the employees, getting better performance, improving execution and ensuring the retention of the top performers. The Compensation solution is a strategic management solution that helps in aligning the compensation program with the business objectives. The feature helps in modeling and managing the compensation…continue reading →

SAP Cloud Platform for SuccessFactors

SAP Cloud Platform is a comprehensive Platform As A Service enterprise solution with application development capabilities. It helps in creating a fully integrated agile system to accelerate transformation across the business. It also helps in fulfilling the requirements and extending the business over the cloud. The cloud platform helps in…continue reading →

SuccessFactors Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning Solution from Successfactors offers a solution for the planning of strategic workforce and operational headcount. The strategies can be framed to ensure that the right talent is being hired as well as retained. Operational headcount planning helps in the planning of changing organizational needs. The strategic planning helps…continue reading →

SuccessFactors Onboarding

Onboarding is a critical part of the talent management strategy as unorganized onboarding process can give reasons to the employees to rethink about their decision to join the company. SAP Successfactors Onboarding Process is a part of the HCM Suite which is a fresh approach and helps in improving the…continue reading →

SAP SuccessFactors Learning

SAP Successfactors enables an organization to improve employee skills and reduce the compliance risk in order to effectively train the external audiences. The feature provides innovative capabilities to help in creating a culture of continuous learning and flexible approach in supporting the learning content. The benefits of the feature are:…continue reading →

Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors

SAP Successfactors work as an independent unit, and has established as the market leader in enterprise software. The organizations and the employees using applications from SAP can work together efficiently and can utilize business insights to stay ahead of the competition. SAP Successfactors enjoy following benefits: Experience large customer base…continue reading →
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