SAP Successfactors works as an independent entity within the SAP, which is the market leader in enterprise software. The organizations that are using SAP applications can work more efficiently and can utilize the business insights in an effective way to stay ahead in the digital world.

The appropriate processes and tools can align the workforce effectively to the business strategy and can help in improving the productivity.

  • The cloud based execution software can help in strategic alignment and increasing the productivity.
  • In order to execute the strategy, there has been an increase of almost 5 times in the time utilized.
  • An optimized workforce can help in increasing the productivity and efficiency.
  • It is one of the most sophisticated cloud based platform in the world, which is much faster than the traditional software and helps in accelerating the business results.
  • The HANA software from SAP helps in placing query on multiple types of data at remarkable volume and speed.
  • The Recruiting application of Successfactors helps in the management of hiring process by attracting the top talent and selecting the best-fit candidates.
  • The Learning Management System combines the extended learning with analytics to increase the corporate capability.
  • The compensation tool helps in appropriate allocation of funds where the incentives, compensation and benefits are aligned with the business goals.
  • SAP Jam helps in connecting partners, customers and employees across the organization which helps in reducing the sales cycle by increasing the customer and employee interaction.
  • The Mobile service gives an easy access to organizational information and helps in staying on top of goals as well as for receiving trainings.
  • Successfactors Onboarding helps in converting a new hire into a productive employee.
  • Succession & Development helps in identifying, developing and retaining the talent at every level of the company.
  • Workforce Analytics helps in providing guidance to the questions related to workforce challenges.
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